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Be The First To Know About New Listings!

Cloud Stream Buyer Notification Service

We give our East Cobb Buyer Clients the Market Edge over their competition – other buyers! When you’re ready to move beyond researching the market with our MLS Software and ready to enter the market to start an Active Home Search as an Active Buyer, those daily notices you’re getting won’t cut it anymore! Our Cloud Stream Buyer Notification Service will give you the fastest listing notifications in the industry – faster than Zillow, Trulia,, and even our own Dual MLS Software!

With the Cloud Stream Buyer Notification Service our Active Buyer Clients can get instant real time notifications of all new properties and price changes so they can respond before other buyers. In any market having an edge over your competition is important – in a low inventory market it can mean success or failure at getting to the newest and best listings. The East Cobb market is as hot as it gets between February and July, if your agent can’t give you an advantage over other buyers, you will miss out on great opportunities! We CAN give you several edges over other buyers.

Cloud Stream Buyer Notification Service

Instant updates on all devices – our clients can like properties, text me with questions, and even text me to request showing appointments and I get immediate notice! Immediate property information and fast response is your edge over all other buyers.

Reach out to me for more information or to get started – 678-585-9691.

Robert Whitfield
Broker/Owner – REALTOR
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