East Cobb SF Home Inventory October 2013

East Cobb Home Inventory October 2013


As the chart shows, inventory is mostly low – by historical standards (except for the 75 homes in the Walton District) there should be two to three times as many homes in each price range. The Lassiter High and Pope High School Districts have very low home inventory in the $700K- $999K ranges, with only 13 and 10 homes respectively. The interesting stat is the composition of the 75 homes in the Walton High District in the $300-$500K range – a big jump in supply over the last few months – there is not one new construction home in the group, and only 16 of the 75 homes are under $350K.

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*Disclaimer: “Information is derived directly from FMLS data which is believed to be very accurate but not guaranteed – which is way more than I can say for all the third party online and consumer data sites – Trulia, Zillow, and so many others.”