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East Cobb, In-Town and North Atlanta home buyers 

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Don’t hire a Real Estate Agent/Salesperson and just hope for the best.

Now you can take control of the outcome and follow a Wiser, More Diligent and Significantly Better path – hire a Trusted Real Estate Expert and Advocate – Robert Whitfield!  A multi-skilled expert who is uniquely qualified to provide a comprehensive array of elite services designed to: remove virtually all of the risks and unknowns associated with buying or building your home – make you a much more informed purchaser – and give you real control over the outcome of your home purchase and the quality of your investment!

Expert vs Agent?

Agent vs Expert Robert Whitfield

Compare the benefits, safeguards, and peace of mind that result from thousands of dollars worth of elite services and due-diligence, choosing an Expert and Advocate over an Agent/Salesperson is one of the easiest and smartest decisions you will make – especially when there is no cost!

As many of my clients will attest – our approach and Wise Buyer Program services are unmatched!


I would like to thank you for your exceptional service during our recent home purchase.  As you know, we were relocating from the United Kingdom and had a week to locate a home prior to arriving in the Atlanta area. Even though our Corporate Relocation Department suggested we use an agent at Harry Norman Realtors, we chose you as our Buyer Broker because of your added expertise as a Licensed Principal Broker and extra qualifications as an ICC Building Code Certified Home Construction & Inspection Expert. The work you were able to accomplish prior to our arrival made our selection and purchase of a home incredibly smooth and easy. – John & Elizabeth Brewer – Kimberly Clark Corporation


Only work with Robert if you want: EXPERTISE, EFFICIENCY, an EXCELLENT RESULTS. The tools on his websites made for an optimized search based on my requirements. Robert’s credentials for code/building inspection along with years of experience are impossible to duplicate in the market place. Robert spent considerable time and effort dissecting complicated new home builder contracts and including favorable clauses to protect my interests.  He even came back and made sure the Builder fixed a defective landscape drain – after they did it the way he originally suggested it worked! You simply cannot put a monetary figure on the VALUE Robert brings to the table.
– Danny Diaz – Manufacturers Rep


Robert was instrumental in making our first home purchase smooth and easy! My wife Rupal and I were “green” when it came to buying a home, and Robert held our hand the entire way. We expected to take 3-4 months to find our house, and Robert found it for us in only 3 weeks! He goes above and beyond and when the sellers decided not to do some of the repairs, Robert stepped in and had them completed for us! So, you not only get a buyer’s broker, you get an expert on home construction and defect repairs who can provide experienced insight about which defects are serious and costly and which aren’t – well beyond what the average agent does!
– Dr Jay & Rupal Kansal – Marietta Dental Practice Owner


We had to relocate from California to the Atlanta area and needed someone to help us quickly find a home and work around our busy family schedule. Robert came to the rescue, guiding us through the process while ensuring we didn’t overlook any critical details. Robert’s expertise in building construction and home inspection paid off as he identified several defects that we were able to consider prior to making our offer. Even after closing, Robert stuck with us to assist in resolving issues that were overlooked by previous pest control inspectors, and advocated on our behalf to make sure these items were properly taken care of. Now that’s going the extra mile!
– Tim Dahlgren – IT Lead UL Environments



The Wise Buyer Clear Advantage Program™
The clearly superior way to buy or build a home.

Our Approach Provides You A Multitude Of Real Advantages

As our Client, you receive Expert Level Direct Broker Representation – you can expect experienced advice, counsel, and competent oversight covering every aspect of buying, building, and even rehabbing a home or investment property – At No Charge!

Not just an agent – in addition to getting an Experienced Broker/Owner on your side, you also receive Expert Level advice, counsel, technical analysis, site verification’s, dispute resolution advocacy, and countless other benefits of having your own ICC Certified Building Inspection and New Home Construction ExpertAt No Charge!     

  • Critical property and market information is gathered and unmatched due-diligence is conducted for you up front – not after your offer is submitted!
  • This means you are more informed about the properties you’re interested in – you will know the pros and the cons of each
  • You will better armed to select the best property from any group of properties based not just on appeal, but knowing the important and tangible differences we share with you.
  • You are better armed to submit a more accurate price – and not “over pay” based on our important insights about not just market metrics, but by also factoring the properties physical conditions, and any design or construction shortcomings, flaws, or defects


 Negotiating-With-A-Builder  ATL School Test Score Heat Map N-S  electrical-inspection

Contrast this with the traditional residential approach to home buying which is more salesy and emotion driven than diligent or logical! The typical home buyer is making huge financial decisions without nearly enough insight and information – this is like making decisions blindfolded!


Salesy Agent Blind Buyer


When working with buyers like you our role is serving as your Trusted Advisor and not as a salesperson focused on making a sale – you won’t be ‘sold’ anything! In fact, you should be prepared for us to advise you not to buy when our due diligence uncovers conditions that warrant that call!

  • We arm you with all the important information you need to make comfortable, informed, and sound purchase decisions.
  • We help you avoid making decisions blindfolded – we make sure you have the info needed to go in eyes wide open!


We Save Your Money, Time, and Give You More Opportunities! Our custom screening and data gathering process, allows you to avoid wasting time viewing unsuitable homes, so you can go directly to the absolute cream of the crop properties first – before they are sold to other buyers! Our unique Pre-Purchase Analysis process gives you more choice by assuring you see more homes, and it spares you a lot of unnecessary grief, stress, wasted time, and money!

How It All Works – A Methodical Process with Outstanding Results

It all starts with a detailed conversation about your individual needs and goals to match your unique personal profile with the most ideal neighborhood areas to focus our search on.

Next, using  your individual profile of needs and preferences, we scour the  market to quickly target every relevant property listed by every agent/brokerage in both FMLS and GMLS, along with our off market property sources. We also set up a custom tuned search portal for you, and monitor it closely for new opportunities to email you. What happens next is what separates our process from the inefficient and time consuming “hit and miss approach” of ordinary buyers agents and realtors in metro Atlanta, and is exactly what allows us to provide you with unmatched results.

The really important work begins.

  • We perform a multi-step desktop and field analysis to assess each properties important metrics: market price trends, neighborhood quality characteristics, then a site visit to verify that the property is really as advertised, and indeed meets your requirements. (Just because it looks good on the internet, is no guarantee it looks good in person)
  • Lastly, a multi-point physical property structure and condition analysis is conducted to ascertain important details critical to your making sound purchase decisions.
  • This approach is unmatched for quickly finding you the most relevant properties, and distilling any group of homes down to your very best options so you have the opportunity to see the best properties available – first – before they are bought up by another buyer!

Wise Buyer Distillation Process

Details – Wise Buyer Program™ Elite Services

We Help You Know – when to hold on price, when to pass, and when to run!

Complimentary Pre Purchase building structural, major systems analysis and workmanship/repair evaluations to assess the condition, quality, and soundness of all homes of interest to you.

  • Be empowered to make better and more informed purchase choices and decisions!
  • Have a better feel for how much to offer based on existing conditions and likely, but often unexpected, near term expenditures.
  • And when we discover conditions that warrant serious concern, you will know when in our opinion, its wiser to run and not waste your money or time on that property!

How often have you heard of any agent advising their buyer NOT to buy?

East Cobb Home Buyer Expert


New Construction Home & Home Building Services

Expert Assistance, Advice, and Technical Consulting with New Construction Home Purchases – definitely NOT the very limited “usual and customary” agent/realtor service! As Our Client – you’ll get comprehensive and wide ranging assistance with all phases of the purchase or building of new construction homes.

  • from raw lot, under construction, to fully finished with a CO issued
  • assistance with suitable building site/lot selections
  • option package advice and negotiation,
  • experienced technical advice regarding unforeseen changes alterations,
  • effective professional interaction and problem resolution with builders
  • Advocacy and effective handling with often difficult site superintendents, experienced negotiations and handling of various issues with builders site agents
  • pre-purchase structure and workmanship evaluations for finished or nearly finished homes
  • continuous monitoring of the construction progress and work on clients homes that are still under construction.

The construction monitoring service has allowed us to catch many defects before they were covered up. Just as we do not disappear after the offer is submitted, we don’t disappear after closing either. Our clients know they can always call on us if they have problems the builder won’t adequately and properly address after closing. We have assisted and advocated for many clients after the closing.

Many people think purchasing a new home is by default a safe bet and that not much can go wrong? I assure you that is not the case! When buying or building a new construction home, having experienced representation from a buyer’s expert who knows both real estate and home building can be an invaluable asset to assure the smoothest possible purchase, and a sound well built home that turns out like you expect, and deserve!

East Cobb New Construction Homes


  • Accurate market comp and area price trend analysis to help formulate offers, assure the best purchase price for the best short and long term investment. We also have access to detailed demographic data down to the neighborhood level – not just the school district level.

East Cobb Housing Market Comps


  • Experienced GA contract review, advice, and attorney drafted protective stipulations  level the playing field for your unique situation and individual transaction – unlike a “cookie cutter approach” to contracts and offers. Skilled contract review and a sound understanding of GA real estate laws and practices is extremely important for new construction home purchases. Some of the clauses certain builders place in their custom contracts, can cost you extra money, and subject you to unexpected delays moving in – all with no compensation for your loss and inconvenience.
  • Our extra experience as both a Real Estate Broker and Building Construction & Home Inspection expert is invaluable. These extra qualifications allows us to anticipate and head off as many problems as possible before they become a problem. This significant advantage requires a range of technical insights and experience agents and realtors have simply never acquired. This is not rocket science – after all, you can’t anticipate something if you have no clue it even exists or might occur in a given situation!

GA Real Estate Contract Review


  • Proven purchase strategies based on irrefutable market stats and neighborhood level micro market dynamics. Unlike the vast majority of agent/realtors, we send this data along with your offer to make a very compelling case to support your offer price. Our goal is to submit such irrefutable and compelling data that the listing agent actually sells your offer to their seller. That requires expert level market insight and accurate data to assess how realistic a given homes current list price is – you won’t get either by surfing online, or reviewing third party market data from sites like  Zillow and Trulia!

East Cobb Purchase Strategy

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Our Services Are Clearly Unmatched, But We Want You To Know: If We Don’t Do What We Say We Will, And If We Don’t Maintain Responsive, High Level Professional Service – You Can Fire Us – It’s In Writing!  

You Have No Risk Of Being Tied To A Non Performing/Ineffective Agent !

Let’s Start The Conversation!

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* Refundable Retainer Info – All Wise Buyer Program™ and Wise Buyer Clear Advantage Program™ services are totally free to our clients.  However, for out of state clients,  a $750  Refundable Retainer is required.  For Investors we charge a $1500 Retainer. This retainer is credited to our clients closing costs or refunded at closing, your choice. (Retainers are reflected in writing in the standard GA Buyer Brokerage Agreement.) The Retainer is simply insurance to cover our risks against a client arbitrarily deciding not buy a home in Atlanta after we have provided specialized Wise Buyer Program™ services (such as Pre-Purchase Property Evaluations worth  $6000 – $9000) which exceed the industry standard services all other agent/brokers  provide – including but not limited to:

* advanced micro market pricing and trend analysis
* new construction pre-purchase advice and strategy,
* new construction consulting and technical assistance,
* on site monitoring and evaluations of workmanship of all homes under construction,
* experienced building lot selection assistance,
* on site Pre-Purchase analysis and advice regarding the structural conditions, materials, workmanship, and major mechanical systems of any existing home you are interested in to better inform and protect you,
* verification of the soundness and adequacy of repairs and alterations on any home 
* experienced and capable client advocacy when needed regarding both real estate, contract, and construction/repair issues
* optional video of homes and neighborhoods of interests for our busy IT and Medical Field Professionals and Out of Town Clients.

** Wise Buyer Program™ Services Are Available Exclusively for Buyer Clients Represented by Robert Whitfield – Ordinary Agents at Advantage Realtors or any other firm are NOT qualified to provide these specialized services including Pre-Purchase Due-Diligence and Technical Consulting Advice to home buyers.

*** Legal Disclaimer – all statements are for illustrative purposes only and are not offered as legal advice. We are not attorneys, and we recommend you always seek competent legal counsel if you need legal advice or the services of an attorney.

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